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Have you ever thought of your life as a "craft"?

Every good craft begins with one idea!
YOU are in charge of developing that idea into reality, so whatever comes after is up to YOU.

So where do you start?

Well, like every good craft, it starts out by asking yourself,
“What do I need to build this idea into reality?”
What Ingredients? What Materials? What Tools? Grains? Hops? Yeast?
….you get the point.
(also, if you are starting to see the analogy here then you’re one step ahead)

So, as silly as it sounds, YOUR life can be very much like a craft beer. We, as the brewer, decide what to add, when to add it and carefully examine its journey and adjust as needed, hopefully ending up with the result that we thirst for.

…but are we?

Are we drinking from a glass that doesn't taste like we want?
Are we convincing ourselves this is the best it can get?
Are you afraid to just dump that glass, start over and re-fill it with something SOOOO much tastier?


It is my intention to show you something new, to help you craft your life into results that taste and look amazing!

To me, Craft Your Life is about forming a COMMUNITY that will allow people to witness what’s important...


Connection is important so we may see the reality of who we REALLY are.
It is through community we can DIS-CONNECT from all the thoughts, conditions, and judgements that could possibly be holding us back from living our best life.

So if you’re ready to just connect with something new then join us! 

There is nothing to prepare and nothing to bring but you, your curiosity, and an open mind. This is a totally FREE invitation to sit, listen, chat and drink a beer! It is my mission to help craft lives into dreams using all ingredients you ALREADY possess. I can be of service in ALL areas of your present life such as, goal setting, healthy habits, confidence, stress reduction, transitions, anxiety, limiting beliefs, health, diets, and so much more…

Hope to see you soon!

Cheers! Shawn


Watch this video to get a short explanation of my vision for "Craft Your Life"

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